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How to get started exploiting

You may think its kind of complicated to start but its actually very easy if you know what youre doing, hopefully the steps down below will help you into getting started :))

1. Getting an Executor

An Executor is the program you use to run the scripts. This is actually one of the most easy parts considering there is alot of executors out there. the one i use is called Synapse X and is 20 USD and can be bought on their website linked below, this is not the only executer but it is a trusted one and will work for sure


Buy Synapse X Below

20$ USD

2. Getting the Scripts

Once you have a trusted executor now you go onto the fun part on finding scripts for games. You can use websites such as V3rmillion or find scripts on my website which you can find on the scripts page. All you have to do is once you have the script you just copy the text into the executor and once youre in a game. your executor should have an attach or inject button in the botton. once you click that button let it inject and then afterwards youll be able to execute your script

If youre having trouble still watch this video and itll show you how to download it.

After that you're basically done so go have fun exploiting in some games. if you have any other problems there is support on the Synapse X Discord and they will be happy to help you out :)

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